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The website is under development, so donations cannot yet be made to those in need. But you can still help, by giving feedback or suggesting organizations.

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Where your donation goes?

Did you know?

10 nano can...

feed 10 dogs for a year


buy 100 meals for someone in need


plant 150 trees


buy 1000 liters of clean water


give countless smiles for you.

Help the world with nano!

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Why Nano?

Instant. Feeless. Green. And Nano is simple and easy-to-use by design.

Why not just use Wenano?

We nano is great, but a lot of people who are really in need don't have a mobile phone. And we want to help everyone!

How can I get Nano?

You can buy Nano on Binance, Binance.us, Kraken and many other exchanges.

Will you notify me when my donation are beeing used?


Is there any reward for donating?

Yes, we are planning to create a reward and achivement system. With rewards like NFTs or hand written mails.

How will my donation be used?

You can donate to different campaigns of your choice, which are distributed monthly.

How will you hold the funds?

We will keep them in public wallets until they are distributed.

Can donors determine who gets the funds?


Is my donation tax deductible?

Unfortunately, not yet, but we are working to become a non-profit company and make it possible.

Are you an official non-profit company?

Unfortunately, not yet, but we are working to become a non-profit company.

Can we follow the developement of the site?

Yes, sign up with your email and we will keep you informed!

Which organisations will you be in contact with?

We have already contacted several organisations, but we cannot name them yet. Sign up to be notified.

Eric Korsos

Founder of GiveNano.org
Co-founder of Mustache Development


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